Start KOJI Pottery Historical Preservation and Architectural Restoration work with us.


When a new kOJI restoration project starts, we are not in a hurry to add new elements, but preserve the entire site through a special record method, just like the work of archaeological excavation, cherish every object of great historical significance


When necessary, the precious KOJI pottery needs to be restored, our professional team of craftsmen will track the genre based on research historical data to ensure that every line and color can maintain the original texture. With specific permission, our craftsmen can also custom-build new works for you, adding to the visibility of your building just as the craftsmen did 50 years ago.


Through texts, pictures, sounds, and the long-term investigation and historical data accumulated in the field, our team helps the owners to mapping out the school of these ancient art works.


Objects of historical significance have been restored and presented to the world again. However, we are more concerned about the preservation of literature and history. We use text, pictures, and video records to let future people understand what efforts this generation has made.

Case Study

The Restoration Project of Taipei Confucius Temple

Taipei Confucius Temple is a national-designated third-level historic site, witnessing the changes of Taipei City. In 2004, the TASO team convened craftsmen to evaluate the history and allusions, and formally proposed to be contracted by the Taipei City Government to restore the Dacheng Hall and Yimen Cochin Pottery, and retain the complete construction process.

The Restoration of Manka Qingshan Temple

Mengka is the earliest developed area in Taipei. In the past, because it was located in a market for exchanging goods, trade was prosperous, forming the first street in Mengka: Guiyang Street, and Qingshan Palace is located in this wealthy street, with gorgeous buildings. In 2006, the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Taipei City Government invited the TASO team to investigate the equipment and substantively restore it. It was found that the Qingshan Palace Cochin pottery historic works were made by master Hong Kunfu, and this restoration paid special attention to preservation and records as historical materials for future reference. This restoration project not only preserves important historical materials, but also cooperates with Chinese painting masters and traditional temple painting masters to create a new chapter for the temple painting competition.

Let us work together to create extraordinary.

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